PROJECTS - Waimea Cargo Terminal Rzeszów-Jasionka

The Waimea Cargo Terminal Rzeszow-Jasionka – a modern multi-modal terminal in Podkarpacie

Waimea Holding SA later this year plans to begin implementation of the investment Waimea Cargo Terminal Rzeszów-Jasionka. The modern multi-modal terminal will be an integral part of the infrastructure of Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport Park, being the most modern operating unit of Podkarpacie. The cargo terminal meeting the highest global standards will provide comprehensive support for air freight.

The modern facility, the Waimea Cargo Terminal Rzeszow-Jasionka, having the area of 5,310 square meters, will be built on the 2-hectare site located in the territorial scope of the international airport Rzeszow-Jasionka, the full capacity terminal to implement support for all types of air cargo transport, cargo planes both in technology of ULD loading units and traditional ones.

An important advantage of the project is its unique location at the access road to the airport in Jasionka near Rzeszow, the road No. 869. To the end of 2015, the provincial road No. 869 (Jasionka - Rudna Mala) is to be expanded so that it will run parallel to the A4 and it will connect the Node Rzeszow West and the Node Jasionka, enabling easier and unobstructed access from the roads A4 and S19 to the airport. The multimodal Waimea Cargo Terminal Rzeszow-Jasionka will meet all requirements for handling of goods. Services at the terminal performed based on the highest standards take into account the individual needs of participants in the process of air freight. The scope of services will include full support for all kinds of goods, including dangerous shipments – DGR, registered securities – VAL, perishable shipments – PER, and with unusual dimensions. The cargo warehouse equipped with modern equipment, including x-ray equipment for screening of consignments, will offer high quality handling of airfreight, and in the future also its transfer to rail transport. The facility will also have refrigerators and freezers, special equipped warehouses for the storage of food products. The building will function as a high-class air-conditioned office space for the needs of shippers, customs agencies and customs offices. The investment is part of a program of revitalization of areas around airports and expansion of services at the airport in Rzeszow. At the turn of the year will be selected the general contractor and the construction of a terminal will begin, the opening of which is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2016. The investor starts negotiations with the Board of Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport for the provision of ground handling of the Waimea Cargo Terminal. Financing of the investment will be provided from the Waimea Group's capital, corporate bonds and bank loans. The project has been elaborated by the architecture studio, AD ARCH Studio.

Multimodal terminals, as nodal points of cargo handling and changing means of transport, as well as places of concentration of service activities, are becoming in the international transport chains the most preferred destination for location of distribution and logistics functions. They offers simple and low-cost solutions at the market of the national and international transport. In the near future, a network of multimodal terminals may become one of the most important locations for trans-shipment of goods transported in various combinations, by train – ship – plane – car. Waimea Holding is planning implementations of multimodal projects both in Poland and abroad in places where it is possible to build such facilities.